Man Rescues Scared Kitten So She Won���t Have To Go Through Hurricane Irma Alone

With Hurricane Irma approaching, most people were looking to get themselves out of Florida as fast as possible. But one man decided to go one step beyond and make sure that someone else got out safely too.Reddit user danknissan posted about adopting kitten 'Ryder' on one of the website's cat-related boards before he evacuated from Miami:

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He told website

My co-worker and I went to the shelter together. When we went over to Ryder's cage she was just so adorable (looking up at me). I decided to adopt her. [...] If I am going to be evacuating from this hurricane I might as well do it with a friend.

The kind man had decided that, instead of fleeing the storm alone, he should save another life and adopt a kitten, taking her with him so that she wouldn't have to wait out the storm alone in a shelter. He took Ryder home with him, made sure that she had everything that she could possibly want and the very next day they were off, evacuating and starting their lives together.

Source: reddit

They headed north in 'darknissan's' car, and the new pet owner couldn't be happier with his feline companion:

She slept for the first three hours [of the trip] but those last 30 minutes is when she got bored and spent it on my lap. [...] Now four days later, my kitty is potty trained, eating and drinking well, staying calm in the car during evacuation, and she is so active and loves her toys. She has traveled more than 700 miles already.

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Now in South Carolina, darknissan says that Ryder is friendly, confident and very, very cuddly - as well as very spoiled! Not that he intends to do anything about that:

I can't wait to go back home to Miami so I can buy her all kinds of different things and just spoil her. Hopefully Irma passes through fast and causes no harm to anyone.

Hopefully man and cat will soon get their wish and return to their home, where they can start a new chapter of what is sure to be a beautiful friendship.

Source: reddit

If you too would like to adopt a cat of your own, check out local shelters, such as ones run by the SPCA in the United States, or the RSPCA in the U.K.


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