Man Kills His Dog With An Axe To "Euthanise It", The Police Stop Him

Andrea A.

A 37 year old man from Savoie, southeastern France, appeared in the Albertville court in Monday April 17 for "serious animal abuse" and "domestic violence".The man massacred the small family dog namedAthéna, aged just three months, right in front of his wife and son. The puppy, who had broken her leg during an accident, suffered the wrath of her owner upon returning from the vet. The man didn't stop repeating thatAthéna needed to be euthanised, seizing an axe despite threats from his wife.He then hit the animal several times before taking the body to bury it in the forest. It was then that one of the children called the police. Anastasia, a family friend, made no effort to hide her disgust, saying to French radio France Bleue:

It's vile. The dog did not deserve that. There was no reason to euthanise her. She was unnecessarily killed, she suffered. This person must pay for what they have done.

Source: Radio France

A petition was launched to demand exemplary punishment with several charities including the Brigitte Bardot Foundation showing their support for the family.The family themselves also lived in constant terror. The culprit regularly attacked his children, claiming it to be "educational". This justification did not sit right with everyone:

He is capable of killing them. The dog is a sign of possible things to come.

The court did not pass judgement, asking that a psychiatric report be carried out. The man will be sentence on May 24th.

H/t: France Bleue