Man Filmed Slapping Dog For 'Not Learning The Alphabet' Causes Wave Of Anger Online


A bizarre and disturbing video showing a man slapping a dog for not learning the alphabet has caused outrage online, according to an article in U.K. newspaper Metro.The clip, believed to have been filmed in India where it first went viral, shows a man slowly speaking through the alphabet and keeping a pen in the dog's paw over a notebook.


When the dog looks away, he harshly slaps the canine, who quickly becomes very confused and aggressive. Their snarls and attempts to bite the man hitting them only results in more blows, followed by jabs at the notebook.Because of the bizarre and pointless nature of the video, it is thought that it was supposed to be a joke rather than anyone seriously trying to teach a dog to write. It was even initially shared by people with comments suggesting that they found the clip amusing.


As the clip spread, however, more people found the video upsetting, pointing out that this was clearly animal abuse and made all the more outrageous by the fact that this was supposed to be 'entertaining'.The popularity of social media has seen a rise in cases of abuse being broadcast and shared online, something that has already been noted by British animal protection group, the RSPCA, earlier this year.


According to researchers from the group, there has been a 340% rise in animal abuse being shared on mobile app Snapchat alone. A spokesperson commented on this case, telling Metro:

Sadly, a lot of people think it’s funny to share pictures and videos online of animal cruelty and abuse. However, many people are not prepared to accept the things they see online and are quick to report videos like this to organisations, such as the RSPCA, and we applaud them for standing up against animal cruelty.

Sadly, the man in the video has not been identified yet, but activists and animal lovers hope that he will soon be brought to justice.Animals can't agree to or understand pranks and 'comedic' videos that rely on them being frightened or in pain. If you see animal abuse on social media or elsewhere on the internet, document and report it as soon as you can.

H/t: Metro

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