Man Causes Outrage After Video Of Him Dragging A Dog Behind Him On Scooter Emerges


On Tuesday February 6, a Snapchat video showing a man dragging his dog behind his scooter caused internet outrage.In the video, taken in Seine-Saint-Denis, France, a black dog is shown being dragged several meters, being left with bloody paws. The video was captioned with laughing emojis.

Source: Huffington Post

After just a few hours, the video was shared and seen by thousands. Animal protection organisations were immediately alerted on social media, followed by the police.Animal charity 30 Million D'Amis, said to the Huffington Post (article in French) that they have already lodged a complaint and filed a civil suit for "acts of cruelty and acts of abuse against a domestic animal, tamed, or kept in captivity".Charity One Voice has also lodged a complaint for the same reasons. Founder, Muriel Arnal said:

There is an intention on behalf of the man to deliberately inflict pain to a sensitive and vulnerable being. The facts show a huge perversity.

A police investigation is currently underway. The man in the video has already been identified thanks to his name tag in the video but has not yet been stopped. After numerous inquiries into the man's fate, the Police Nationale released a statement saying:

Many of you have told us about this animal abuse video. It has already been reported to us. Our investigators have been mobilized. Thank you for your vigilance. 

Cases such as this usually incur a maximum of two years in prison and a 30,000 euro ($37,000) fine.

H/t: Huffington Post / Picture: Le Parisien

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