Man Attacks His Defenseless Dog On The Street And The Internet Is Outraged

The video of a man violently beating his dog on the streets of Odham, a small town in Manchester, England,was posted on social media on May 1 and caused outrage among internet users.


Source: Misha Javed / Facebook

(Warning: Graphic content)The terrible images show the individual stopping while he taking his dog out for a walk and then beginning to aggressively hit the animal. After several blows the canine's head, he even goes so far as to pick the dog up and then throw him on the ground.


Source: Misha Javed / Facebook

Horrified by the incident, Misha Javed, a local resident, decided to film the man from her window and later posted the video online to ensure that his actions wouldn't go unpunished.In only a few hours, the footage had been shared hundreds of thousands of times and had accumulated over a million views on Facebook.Javed accompanied the shocking video with the message:

So earlier this afternoon this disgusting man assaulted his dog! I can't believe how anyone can even do something like that to their own dog!! I don't even want to imagine what he would do to the dog indoors. Please can everyone who lives in Oldham share this post around so we can find out who the actual owner is as he needs to be punished for this cruel act and have his dog taken away from him!

Source: Misha Javed / Facebook

The young lady also contacted the police who immediately opened an inquiry into the incident.Only one day later on May 2, the 35-year old man handed himself into the police. He has been charged withcausing unnecessary suffering to an animal and will face a trial.The dog has been seized and is now under the care of the RSPCA, the equivalent of the SPA in the USA. He is finally getting and the love and care that he so desperately needs to overcome his painful past.


Source: Misha Javed / Facebook

In the UK, the maximum penalty in animal cruelty cases stands at a prison sentence of six months and/or an unlimited fine. The RSPCA is campaigning to increase this sentence, and are calling for a review of criminal justice measures.To support the cause, you can sign the petition, here.To support the ASPCA and help them continue to carry out their amazing work, you can make a donation, here.

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