Major US State Is Fighting To Pass A Law That Would Save Hundreds Of Dog’s Lives

If you thought you could leave your dog in the car whilst popping out for a quick errand like picking up your dry cleaningon a summer's day, think again.The weather doesn't even have to be scorching for your dog to die from overheating. Alocked car parked in the sun on a 23°C day can reach temperatures of 50°C in only twenty minutes. In these conditions, a dog can die quickly from rapid dehydration and suffocation.

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But no matter how much we try to spread awareness, theAmerican Veterinary Medical Associationassert that“hundreds” of dogs die each year from being neglectfullyleft to overheat in a car on a summer'sday.But politicians in Michigan are taking a stand against this and trying to pass a law which would make it illegal to leave your dog in a hot car.Like us, they consider it akin to animal cruelty to leaveyour dog suffering in the heat.


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Senators Rick Jones and Curtis Hertelintroduced a bill this week that would sentence someone to five years in prison for causing the death of an animal, particularly concerninganimals left in hot cars.SenatorHertel said sixteen states already have similar laws surrounding dogs being left in cars, telling FoxNews:

Everyone should know because it's been widely broadcast that children have died in cars, pets are the same way.

Indeed, dogs cannot get out of a car on their own and what's more, they can'tsweat like humans do to lower their body temperature.


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Senator Jones outlined the guidelines for the new law they wish to pass:

If you leave a dog out in the car and the dog is suffering, it could be a $350 fine and a misdemeanor. If the dog is severely injured, it could be a $1,000 dollar fine and a misdemeanor, and if you kill the dog by leaving it out there it would rise to a felony.

The Senate will discuss the proposedlegislation later this month and we'll be sure to update you on the outcome.For now, watch a recent video showing NFL player Tyrann Mathieu illustrating the consequences of leaving a dog inside a car in warm weather:

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