Maggie, "The Oldest Dog In The World", Has Died Peacefully Aged 30

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Maggie was probably the oldest dog in the world. The femaleAustralian Kelpie dog died peacefully in her sleep on the night of April 17, at the age of 30 years old.

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Maggie spent her life alongside her best friend and human, Brian McLaren, a dairy farmer from Victoria, Australia.McLaren, grieving the loss of his canine companion, toldtheWeekly Times:

She was 30 years old, she was still going along nicely last week, she was walking from the dairy to the office and growling at the cats and all that sort of thing.


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She was on good form until last week when McLaren noticed a sudden decline.He went on to say:

She just went downhill in two days and I said yesterday morning when I went home for lunch ... ‘She hasn’t got long now’.

Indeed, Maggie sadly passed away a few hours later, but she died peacefully of old age in her sleep. "I’m sad, but I’m pleased she went the way she went",the farmer finished saying.


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For the past few years, the female dog spent most of her days sleeping or wandering about the farm. McLaren admitted that he used to go and check on his best friend during the night to make sure she was still breathing.


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Thirty years old for a dog is truly unheard of. It's more than twice the average life span for a dog of Maggie's breed and size. However, her status as the oldest dog in the world isnot official since McLaren has lost her original birth certificate.Whilst her age cannot be officially verified, everyone agrees Maggie was intoher third century in dog years.The official Guinness World Record belongs toBluey, an Australian cattle dog who died in 1939 at the age of 29 years and 5 months.


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Like Maggie, Bluey was a very happy dog who spent his days outdoors, surrounded by other animals on a farm.Watch a clip of Maggie and her human in footage that was filmed a few months before her passing:

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