Loyal Service Dog Who Transformed Army Veteran Gets The Best Surprise


Pax is a very special service dog. He has touched the hearts of all those he meets with his incredible loyalty and intelligence. In particular, he has changed the lives of two people, Bill Campbell and Laurie Kellogg.


Source: Youtube/Oprah Winfrey Network

Campbell is an army veteran who suffered a life changing injury when he was with a piece of shrapnel. He was left with a serious brain injury and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD).When he came back from his service and began to reintegrate into civilian life, he was entrusted with Pax, a golden labrador, to help him with the transition.The talented canine had such a great effect on the former soldier's wellbeing and completely changed his life. Campbell is extremely grateful to have such a special dog in his life and wanted to meet the person responsible for Pax's training.


Source: Youtube/Oprah Winfrey Network

The dog had been part of an innovative program that matches up inmates with animals to help rehabilitate them. In Pax's case, his trainer was Laurie Kellogg, an inmate at Bedford Hills Correctional facility just North of New York City.Wanting to thank the woman that had given him such an incredible canine companion, Campbell arranged a reunionfor the dog and his former trainer. He brought Pax to the prison facility, and the dog couldn't contain his happiness.


Source: Youtube/Oprah Winfrey Network

He recognized Kellogg immediately and run over to her without a moment's hesitation. The pair was absolutely elated to be reunited and the video below speaks for itself.Pax transformed the lives of both Campbell and Kellogg, by giving them a loving and loyal companion.Watch the touching moment when the pair are reunited below:[embed]https://youtu.be/W8q1M6R0vkc[/embed]

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