Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave His Human's Side During House Fire

Andrea A.

Che, a 14-year-old dog Chow and Labrador cross, showed his courage at the end of October.

Publié par Red Paw Emergency Relief Team sur dimanche 23 octobre 2016

He was saved from a shelter in 2003 and was spending his time peacefully in the company of his human in Philadelphia, when a violent fire broke out in their house on the evening of October 23. The neighbors, alerted by Che's barking - who was normally very calm - immediately called the fire brigade after having noticed the house was on fire.

Publié par Red Paw Emergency Relief Team sur mardi 25 octobre 2016

Philadelphia's fire department quickly arrived on the scene to put out the fire, when they found Che and his human. The association, Red Paw Emergency Relief, whose mission is helping animals who are natural disaster victims, also arrived soon after the firemen. The told the story on their Facebook page, talking about a great rescue mission and highlighted the dog's exemplary courage:

We were also told on-scene that Che was found in the fire dwelling by firefighters on top of his owner trying to protect her!
Publié par Red Paw Emergency Relief Team sur mardi 25 octobre 2016

Once the fire was under control, Che and his human were immediately taken care of by the medical team. The pup was given respiratory assistance and the woman, whose state was critical, was taken to the emergency section of a hospital in Philadelphia.During his recovery, Che was visited by the firemen who found him. Today, the courageous doh is much better and is staying with Diana Hailey, a friend of his human's.

Che, our hero #firedog got a surprise visit from one of the Philadelphia Fire Department firefighter's that rescued him...Publié par Red Paw Emergency Relief Team sur lundi 24 octobre 2016