Lost Dog Found: A Snowy Trail to Home


Kinnick, a three-year-old Labrador mix, was reunited with his family after being missing for eight months. The dog was found thanks to the paw prints he left on the snow, which led rescuers from Paws of Hope Animal Rescue to him. Kinnick had been living with his new family when he escaped during a walk with his owner Annabell. Despite being rescued and loved, Kinnick is still scared of people and other animals, according to Paws of Hope Animal Rescue. This could be due to his previous experiences, as the rescue group claimed that the dog was rescued "from a horrible situation" and was possibly used as a bait dog.

The rescue group added that Kinnick had only three legs after suffering severe injuries. The dog's journey home was challenging for the rescuers, who said that Kinnick knew his routes, where the food bowls for other critters were, and did not stay in one location for too long. He would venture back, seemingly on purpose, as if trying to throw them off. The dog also did not fall for live traps set up by the rescue group. Instead, he headed straight for a bowl left out for other animals and passed up on dog food, steak, chicken, and more.

Kinnick, a three-year-old Labrador mix, was reunited with his family after being missing for eight months.

The rescue group set up cameras and a food station where Kinnick's paw prints were most frequent. They also thanked the Iowa community for their help in finding the dog. Kinnick's journey home is one of many inspiring dog stories. Last year, a dog named Flash was reunited with her owner after being missing for seven years. Sprocker spaniel Flash was stolen in 2015, and her owner Emma Drewett feared that she would never see her again.

Emma and her son Luke launched a nationwide appeal for their missing pet, which proved fruitless. Emma described the wait as a "living hell" not knowing if her much-loved pet was safe or even alive. Emma said that "thousands" of people helped to share missing posts all over social media, but the search turned up nothing. However, Flash was found by a kind dog lover almost 200 miles away from Emma's home in Little Marlowe, Bucks.

The woman, named Michelle, had bought Flash from a local breeder. After a check-up at the vets, Michelle discovered that the elderly dog belonged to Emma and her family. Emma and her son were overjoyed to be reunited with their pet after such a long time. Flash's return home is another heartwarming story of a lost dog being reunited with its owner.

The reunion of Kinnick with his family after being missing for eight months is an inspiring story of perseverance and hope. Despite facing significant challenges, rescuers were able to locate Kinnick by following his paw prints in the snow. Kinnick's story is also a reminder of the importance of microchipping pets and keeping their contact information up-to-date. Additionally, it highlights the role of social media in reuniting lost pets with their owners. Finally, Kinnick's return home is a testament to the hard work and dedication of animal rescue organizations like Paws of Hope Animal Rescue.