Lonely, Homeless Cat Was Bullied By All The Other Strays In The Streets


Brian is a cat who was found matted, starving and homeless, wandering around the streets of Qatar, reports the site Love Meow.He was so lonely that even the other stray cats did not want to be his friends. Happy Homes Animal Rescue, who heard about the poor stray, said:

Someone found him in a tree hiding from other cats that were beating him up. He was abandoned and was out for long enough for this coat to get totally matted down to the skin.

Source: Happy Homes Animal Rescue

WhenYolanda, an animal rescuer, who runs EvenStar Charitable Organization, heard about Brian, she jumped to action. Once she found him, Brian was taken to the vet for a shave and a bath, before having his health checked out. The kitty seemed content to be off the streets. Yolanda said:

He was extremely happy to be rescued and is a total lovebug, purrs the minute he sees you.

Source: Happy Homes Animal Rescue

She then contactedHappy Homes Animal Rescue, which is situated in New Jersey. Even though it was very far away, Yolanda knew they would be able to help. The rescue had a good relationship with Yolanda and said:

We have worked with her in the past to help with other cats. She said he's very sweet but a bit defensive from his time on the streets.

Source: Happy Homes Animal Rescue

Before his long trip to the United States, Brian was treated to a clean, warm bed, lots of love and attention, and a kitty buffet with good food.


Source: Happy Homes Animal Rescue

The Persian cat was also vaccinated, neutered, dewormed and microchipped. Finally, he was ready to move on to his next chapter in life.


Source: Happy Homes Animal Rescue

At the end of March, Brian traveled to his new country where he met his new foster family, who instantly fell in love with him.


Source: Happy Homes Animal Rescue

He is currently living with them and making the most of all the cuddles he was denied in his past. Brian refuses to stop snuggling his foster family because he knows what love is for the first time.


Source: Happy Homes Animal Rescue

You can follow Brian's adventured on Happy Homes Facebook page, or you can make a donation to the association to support their rescue efforts.

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