Lonely Dolphin Brutally Removed From The Ocean Has Given Up On Life


Taiji, Japan is notorious for the slaughter of thousands of dolphins every year. During this annual hunt, locals drive hundreds of dolphins into a cove and bash metal poles against the boats, making so much noise the dolphins can no longer communicate or swim to freedom. The prettiest dolphins are then sold to entertainment parks and the rest are slaughtered for meat.


Source: Sea ShepherdThere is a Whale Museum where cetaceans are kept in tiny tanks filled with chlorine, just metres from the ocean.The marine animals imprisoned here have been captured in the wild and likely witnessed the slaughter of their families and are highly traumatised to be brutally removed from the vast, free waters.Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has been fighting against this massacre for many years. Jessie Treverton, campaign leader, has been leading a group of volunteers in taking covert photos and videos of the cruelty that goes on in this seaside town.On September 25 the organisation posted a video of a disturbing discovery on their Facebook page. It shows a dolphin floating in the water, seemingly dead. It shifts slightly after a few moments, but there are only a few breaths of life left in this poor creature.

This poor creature was filmed a few days ago at the Taiji whale and dolphin museum, I think the video speaks for itself. Apologies about the shaking it was covertly filmed with a very long lens.Posted by Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians Page (official) on Sunday, 25 September 2016

Treverton told The Dodo:

I really thought the dolphin was dead. It really seems utterly depressed and it's heartbreaking to watch.

While the story of this individualdolphin remains unknown, it's not difficult to guess, as it's more or less the same with all the entrapped sea creatures at the Taiji Whale Museum - he was caught inthe latest or previous hunt and he watched his family get slaughtered or taken away.


Source: Sea Shepherd

He will spend the rest of his life swimming in this tiny pen just metres away from his natural habitat and will be forced to swim with paying tourists. Treverton continued:

I've been sailing the world's oceans professionally for nearly 20 years and have never seen a dolphin look so utterly depressed. In the wild, dolphins look so happy and full of joie de vivre, but this one looks utterly depressed. It's like (he's) lost the will to live.

Source: Sea Shepherd

In order to help Sea Shepherd continue their fight against the Taiji massacre, make a donation here. You can also sign a petition to help the Dolphin Project put an end to the captivity of dolphins.

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