Lonely Dog Who Wouldn't Let Anyone Touch Her Gets First Ever Bath

This beautiful dog's name is Blossom,and there's really no better name for her.She was living a life of misery and suffering on the porch of an old and dilapidated abandoned house. Though many people had tried to come and save the poor dog, it never worked: having been so badly treated by humans in the past, Blossom was terrified and wouldn't let anyone get close to her.


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Awoman named Erika began coming every day to leave some food and water on the porch to help the poor animal. One day, she decided to take a photo of her and post it on the internet in the hope that someone would come to her aid.The photo quickly circulated the internet and was shared across social media sites. That's when the team at WOOF Pet Rescue Society in Woodward, Oklahoma, stepped in to help.The experienced team knew exactly what to do. And just a few days later, Blossom began to...well, blossom! She got back her confidence, opening up for the first time in the loving hands of humans who wanted nothing more than to take care of her.


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24 hours after rescuing her,they gave Blossom her first bath - probably the first bath of her life, in fact!


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The dog who just a few days earlier cowered from the human touch was completely happy to let them care for her at last.And what a difference a little soap and water makes! Blossom is almost unrecognisable.


Source: @LittleThings

Though her skin is in bad condition and still needs intensive treatment, she is already looking so much better. Watch the video here:

Just a month after the video was taken, Blossom looks clean, happy and healthy. It's nothing like the terrified, distressed dog they found on the porch of an abandoned house.


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Finally, in May WOOF posted some fantastic news on their Facebook page: Blossom has been adopted! She has got over her fear of humans and is thriving in her forever home.


Source: @WOOF

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