Lonely Dog Who Spent Her Life On The Streets Proves Love Is The Best Medicine


Kelsey is a dog that has known heartache, abuse and loneliness. She spent her life wandering the streets alone, according to the website littlethings.Instead of fur, she had scabs, mange and dirt, and she lived in dark alleyways and dangerous bridges. Constantly in harm's way and never knowing where her next meal would come from, Kelsey still didn't give up on life.Someone saw the fight in this dog and decided to rescue her, documenting the journey the whole way through.


Source: Little Things

Kelsey's skin was burnt from being in the harsh sun all day, she was covered in sores and her ribs were sticking out when her rescuer picked her up.


Source: Little Things

One would think that after being so neglected and alone her whole life, the pup would be terrified of human contact. But thankfully she hopped right into her rescuer's car, ready to start a new life.


Source: Little Things

She was given medical attention and seemed very grateful for the attention. She was very gentle with all the humans she came in contact with.


Source: Little Things

The team worked around the clock to help the pup get her strength back. It was an intensive recovery and it's still not completely done, but thanks to the tireless medical team, Kelsey's eyes began to shine.


Source: Little Things

Kelsey's transformation has already begun - the difference in her spirit is incredible! Look at her bright eyes!


Source: Little Things

Kelsey quickly became accustomed to her new environment. She had a real home for the first time, along with grass to play in, cool shade, soft blankets and food to eat.


Source: Little Things

Before her rescuers knew it, Kelsey was a brand new dog - completely different from the sad, lonely, miserable pup found wandering the streets. She was once on death's doorstep, and now she's playing, napping, eating and wagging her tail. It shows that love and care is the best remedy (along with some emergency veterinary care!).


Source: Little Things


Source: Little Things

H/t: Little Things