Lonely Dog Forced To Live In Old Tire Finally Finds Someone To Rescue Her


Yoko, a street dog fromPuerto Peñasco, Mexico, had been living at a landfill site the Sonoran desert, or a long time until finally, one day in June, someone came to save her.

Source: Compassion Without Borders

A kind stranger had been driving through the desert when he came across a rogue tire. He saw something moving inside and felt compelled to investigate further. Upon closer inspection, he found the lonely dog.Yoko had made her own makeshift home in the tire as her only comfort in the desert.

Source: Compassion Without Borders

Luckily, the passerby knew what to do and contacted Compassion Without Borders(CWOB), an animal rescue assocation, who came to help straight away. Chris Camblor, the founder of the center, described to The Dodo:

She’d clearly been living out there for quite some time, fending for herself out at the dump for months, if not years.

At first, Yoko was fearful after spending so long fendingfor herself and found it very hard to trust humans. It took a lot of love to bring her out of her shell, but eventually, the sweet dog relaxed and accepted their help.

When she arrived at their shelter, staff found that the long-haired dog's fur was completely matted and sadly, it had to be completely shaved off. Her skin wasn't in a much better condition and was completely covered in ticks and fleas.They then discovered a large wound on her stomach that needed urgent attention. Luckily, Yoko was in the perfect place and staff was more than ready to give her all the attention and care that she needed.After only a few days, the sweet dog had already made huge progress and was able to move on to a temporary foster home with a member of staff from CWOB.

She still has a long way to go on the road to recovery, but volunteers remain extremely hopeful that she will continue to get stronger and stronger.In around a month's time, Camblor plans to bring Yoko to California where she will be put up for adoption so that she will finally be able to find her forever home.If you would like to support Compassion Without Borders and help them to continue their amazing work, you can make a donation by clicking here.To find out more about Yoko's story, watch the video below:

 Yoko's story is unbelievable.http://cwob.org/03june/index.htmlHelp us save her and 49 more dogs in Mexico. We have a chance to transport all 50 to safety for adoption in Californiai in one week. But we need YOUR help.Donate. Spread the word. Please help us make sure none are left behind.Posted by Compassion Without Borders on Thursday, 22 June 2017

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