Lonely Dog Covered In Tumors Was About To Give Up On Life


(Warning: some images may be distressing)There are over 1 million stray dogs in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico. One of these dogs was Boby, a 2-year-old, sandy colored pup.Sadly, as well as having to deal with starvation and finding shelter from the wind and rain every day, Boby was also covered in cancerous tumors and sores.

Source: Facebook/Sharons Dennis

After months being ignored, getting more and more ill, someone finally took pity on him and took him to animal activist Daria Gamez, who brought him to a clinic.

Source: Facebook/Sharons Dennis

Although the tumors were found to be definitely cancerous, the veterinarians thought that they had to give Boby a chance to live, even despite his skinny, frail body.They gave him chemotherapy, an extremely tiring procedure. But sure enough, after 2 months he began to improve. His tumors went down and, with attention from Gamez and plenty of food, he became stronger and sleeker.

Source: Facebook/Sharons Dennis

In Gamez's neighborhood he came quite the local celebrity, with people waiting in line to get the chance to meet him! It's unsurprising then that he found a new family soon after he was pronounced cancer-free.

Source: Facebook/Sharons Dennis

Now Boby is loving life in his new home, surrounded by a family who adores him, safe, healthy and energetic as any other dog.Boby's story shows that even the most hopeless of cases can end happily, if stray animals like him are given a chance.

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