Logan's Journey: From abandoned Cane Corso to internet sensation


In an emotionally charged story that has resonated with millions online, Logan, a once skeletal cane corso, was showcased on TikTok, capturing hearts with his poignant, almost disbelieving response to being adopted. It seemed as if Logan had reservations about accepting the good fortune, having faced the sting of rejection in the past.

Logan, aged three at the time the video was shot, was familiar with the shelter environment. Having been adopted once, he was later returned, a series of events that unfortunately isn't an anomaly in the world of animal adoption. Rocky Kanaka, a respected advocate for pet rescues, shared Logan's stirring journey on his TikTok, under the username @rockykanakaofficial. The clip, dated August 5th, garnered a staggering 1.2 million views, testament to the universal love and empathy people have for animals, particularly those in distress.

"Logan's return to the shelter, while heartbreaking, is sadly frequent. Shelters witness such stories too often," Kanaka conveyed to Newsweek.

When Logan initially found his way to Animal Friends of the Valleys in Wildomar, California, he was in a pitiable condition. However, his previous adopters returned him shortly after he managed to break free from his crate during a car ride. Distressingly, the video from the shelter implies that Logan might not have been afforded an adequate opportunity to settle in.

Despite these setbacks, the universe had a different plan for Logan. Three weeks post this incident, a family of seven decided to embrace him. Yet the process of assimilation post-adoption can often be a complex journey, both for the canine and its new family.

Kanaka imparted some words of wisdom for those considering adoption. "Transitioning to a new environment is a nuanced process. For some dogs, the adaptation can be swift, while others might require extended periods. But with patience and time, there emerges a pivotal moment of understanding and acceptance."

@rockykanakaofficial this GIANT #canecorso was returned to the shelter…more than once 😢 thank you @AFVpets for helping save him and many others! 🐾 #shelterdog #dogsoftiktok #fyp #animalshelter ♬ Reflection - Musik Bayi ID

Shedding light on the breed, the American Kennel Club notes that an adult cane corso can attain a height ranging between 25 to 27.5 inches and can weigh upwards of 100 pounds. Yet, despite Logan's imposing size, Kanaka lovingly refers to him as a "gentle giant." "Logan's trust in humans is commendable, especially considering his past. His interactions, even with children, are gentle. Yet, misconceptions about his breed persist," lamented Kanaka.

A particularly heart-wrenching segment of the TikTok video shows Logan's tentative interaction with a child. Despite this, the internet isn't devoid of skeptics, some of whom pointed fingers at Logan's breed. "Criticism based on breed-specific stereotypes is unwarranted. I have a special needs cane corso named Kobe who is a testament to the breed's gentle nature," Kanaka responded.

In the touching video, there's a moment where Kanaka, looking at Logan, says, "It's almost like you don't believe it." Those words, juxtaposed with Logan's contemplative expression, encapsulate the dog's emotional journey.

"Dogs, like Logan, are extraordinary. They teach us invaluable lessons about forgiveness and rediscovering trust," Kanaka opined.

The outpouring of love for Logan has been significant. His story, punctuated by heartache but culminating in hope, serves as a stark reminder of the inherent goodness in the world. As one TikTok user aptly commented, "They just gained the most gentle loving dog breed on the planet for their family."

Every year, over 6 million companion animals, with over half being dogs, find themselves in shelters, as stated by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Stories like Logan's shed light on the importance of responsible adoption and the transformative power of second chances.