Little Girl Tries To Explain How A Baby Cow Ended Up In Her House


We reckon if you were going to try sneak a cute, furry animal into your home without Mummy realising, you'd go for something smaller than a baby cow. Well not this 5-year-old girl, called Breanna. She snuck this adorable, sleepy calf into her home and then tried to say she had nothing to do with it.


Source: @YouTube

Surprising when you see how much she loves cuddling the calf called Izzy. She couldn't have, could she?


Source: @YouTube

When her mum says she's telling fibs, Breanna seems to divert the conversation away from how the calf got into the house and 'notices' a scratch on its leg. She loves playing nurse with the calf, and is clearly very good at looking after it.After her mummy, Billie Jo Decker had given in to how cute the pair are, Breanna and Izzy have a very cosy cuddle.


Source: @YouTube

Breanna's motheris so moved by the two's encounter that she says:

I'm gonna have to stop eating beef. 

Source: @YouTube

The bond between this little girl and her calf Izzy is very special indeed. When her mother published the video on YouTube, many people commented saying things like:

How can i eat such a lovable animal.

Indeed, it does make you think.Watch the adorable video here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5H7uMq3mS8

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