Little Dog Trapped In The Darkness For 5 Days Until They Finally Hear Her Cries

Andrea A.

Animal Aid Unlimited is an inspiring charity association that assists stray animals in India.

Recently, they successfully saved an adorable dog who had been trapped in complete darkness at the bottom of a well for five days.Villagers passing by heard barking coming from the well, but couldn't climb down and save the animal themselves. So they phoned the association, who immediately sent a team to the location.

It was a miracle that her cries were even heard as the closest village is situated some kilometres away...

In the comment section of the video, posted on YouTube on July 26, the association explains:

We received a phone call from villagers living many kilometres away. They told us they'd heard a dog at the bottom of a well, completely alone.

Source : @Animal Aid Unlimited

The volunteers used a winch to climb down and haul the poor dog out of the lethal trap.


Source : @Animal Aid Unlimited

Once she was safe, she was given emergency treatment and constant medical monitoring. Although still underweight, she has now recovered.

The volunteers go on:

Sunny should've died, but today she's still playing.


Source : @Animal Aid Unlimited


Source : @Animal Aid Unlimited

In the video we can see how fit, playful, affectionate and grateful she is.Check out these incredible images of the rescue:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ck4-iDyqvNI[/embed]