Lifeless Dog Covered With Flies Fought Against All The Odds

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Animal Aid Unlimited(AAU) is a hard-working organisation that helps animals in need in India. The rescue workers face dangerousandtragic situations every day.In June this year, they rescued a dog that was very nearly dead. He was lying, completely lifeless, under a car with closed eyes. Dozens of flies buzzed around him as if he were acorpse.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

The rescue team's first impression was that the dog was dead, but as they got closer they noticed his heart was beating and he was breathing very lightly. Dumbfounded, they knew they had to act fast. They put a blanket around him and took him to the AAUshelter.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

Upon arrival the dog was examinedby the medical team and they found that his body temperature was extremely low - death was so close he could almost taste it.The veterinarians did everything they could to warm him up and put him on an intravenous drip and thankfully, after an hour of intensive care, the pup opened his eyes and seemed to come alive.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

Still unable to move, however, he looked around and realised without a doubt that he had been saved.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

"This gentle little spirit amazed us", the organisation said on their website. After only a few hours he was already feverishly trying to stand on all fours. But it was still too soon and despite his best efforts, the pup could only stay upright on his own for a few seconds.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

This was the start of a long recovery period with some progress as well as some relapses. Thedog was suffering from a respiratory infection which needed heavytreatment.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

But Oliver, as he had been baptised by his rescuers, wasn't ready to give up. Two months later, thanks to his determination and the medical team's expertise, the young pup is well again. His transformation is truly heartwarming.It was his young spirit and energy that helped him to hang on. His lung infection is only a distant memory. Oliver became best friends with most of the other dogs in the refuge and can't stop licking his rescuers every time he sees them.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

Have a look at the video showing Oliver's amazing transformation:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKF9ocFfw9Y[/embed]To support the good work ofAnimal Aid Unlimited,click here.

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