Lana, "The Saddest Dog In The World", Is Finally Wagging Her Tail Again


This is the story of Lana. This gorgeous six month old pup was recently rejected by her adoptive family and taken back to the shelter where she grew up.

Lana reacted very badly to her abandonment and the volunteers fromRescue Dog Matchsaid she came back completely deflated. The heartwrenching photo of the dog went viral and gave her the tragic nickname of "the saddest dog in the world".


Source : @TheDodo

Dahlia Ayoub, one of the shelter workers, toldThe Dodo:

She completely shut down. It was as if her world had been torn apart.

 And no wonder Lana was in such a state of depression considering her painful past. The puppy was saved from a breeding farm in Mexico where she had to battle with twelve other puppies to get food. Traumatised, she went from foster family to foster family within several months. 

But we thought that the last family was the right one that she would stay with for all her years. But sadly they didn't want to keep Lana after she almost bit one of the family members. They were concerned about their children being attacked by her and this pushed them to make the tragic decision to return her.


Source : @TheDodo

But Lana has finally got her smile back.

Her photo had moved internet users so much so that a family decided to welcome her in temporarily, so that she could escape the clinicalatmosphere of the shelter. They wanted to give her all the love and attention she needed whilst waiting for a permanent home and family.


Source : @TheDodo

 Lana is extremely happy with her new family and seems to have got her mojo back. 


Source : @TheDodo

The shelter have posted several photos of her beaming with joy, and in complete contrast to the first photo of her that turned her into a celebrity. 


Source : @TheDodo

 The worst is definitely behind her. Let's hope she can now find a true adoptive family who will look after her for good. We'll keep you updated!

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