Lab Monkey Escapes At Airport


On the 21st of May, an ex-lab monkey made a bid for freedom and escaped from his cage as he travelled through San Antonio airport in Texas, USA.The monkey - a rhesus macaque named Dawkins - was travelling from Boston to the Born Free USA monkey sanctuary in Texas.He escaped inside a baggage-handling area after flying with American Airlines, who are investigating the incident.Ross Feinstein, a spokesman for American Airlines, said:

After the arrival of American Airlines 1014, a monkey that was en route to a local animal sanctuary and refuge in the San Antonio-area inadvertently became free of his cage.

The monkey was tranquillised two hours after his initial escape. He then continued his journey to the Born Free sanctuary.Dawkins had reportedly come from Brown University, where local media say he was rescued for research purposes.Born Free CEO, Prashant Khetan, said:

He's stressed. This is a rhesus macaque in a situation that's not normal. It's not uncommon, but a reminder for us that when animals are in captivity, they can be unpredictable.

The Born Free Sanctuary is the largest of its kind in the Us, and holds up to 550 monkeys.The charity aims to recreate the animals' natural habitat as accurately as possible, with the keepers having only minimal involvement.Khetan later confirmed that Dawkins had safely arrived at the sanctuary:

Dawkins has arrived, safe and sound, at our Primate Sanctuary! The stress of his journey and brief escape at the airport has tired him, but he is doing well.

Below is footage showing Dawkins loose in the baggage-handling area: World News/Youtube

Via: The Independent