Kittens Who Nearly Froze To Death "Come Alive" After Warm Cuddles From Their Human


When Imgur user, Stonemonkeyking, and his wife heard tiny little cries coming from their neighbor's yard a few months ago, they immediately went to check it out.


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In a post entitled "So my dream came true", the man said:

We found 3 kittens in the back of our neighbor's pickup. We waited for mom for hours, but it was pouring and just above freezing with no sign of mom, so I had to do something! Grabbed them and brought them inside!

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They were all soaking wet and freezing, but one was worse off than the others. He was hardly breathing and his pulse was very slow.


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The couple did everything they could to heat the babies up, including cuddling them, rubbing their backs and laying them down on a low-heat blanket. The one who was nearly dead came through after a while in a miraculous turnaround. Stonemonkeykingcontinued:

Finally, after about 20 minutes of snuggles and hugs, it cried for the first time! A major relief for me because I didn't want to lose one!

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Even after the kittens were dry and warm, the man continued cuddling them just to be safe. They all adopted him as their new mom, and crawled up onto his warm chest for feeding time. The loudest kitten, the one who had called them from their neighbor's pickup, also called the loudest for food.


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The couple decided on names for the trio. The blue one would be Lou, the grey one would be Squishy and the black one, who came back from the dead, was Lazarus.


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The man said that life can be a little chaotic at times:

It gets a little crazy making time to feed them, take care of a 12 week old puppy, and be a dad of a 10 month old, but we love these little floofs.

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Within a couple of months, they found the perfect forever home for Lazarus with the man's cousin. The couple planned on doing the same with Lou, but him and Squishy were such best friends that they did not have the heart to separate them.


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Both cats are now staying with the man who rescued them, while Lazarus has his very own family.


Source: Stonemonkeyking/Imgur

These lucky cats will never have to fear being left out in the cold again. While the couple still doesn't know what happened to their mother cat, they love their pets and continue giving them all the cuddles they deserve.