Kittens Have Adventure Of A Lifetime When Their Young Human Takes Them To School With Her


For children all around the world, school has now restarted. After the adventures they had during the summer, going back to the classroom must feel like the end of the world. Not to mention the fact that they now have homework again!For teachers too, after a few weeks without work, the end of summer and the thought of hours stuck indoors isn't a fun prospect.But for one teacher, the fun wasn't quite over.First grade teacher, Anna Kate Hood, got the surprise of her life when she opened one of her student's backpacks and saw four tiny eyes staring back at her.https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=990098114464660&set=a.751340161673791.1073741828.100003934425816&type=3&theaterApparently, one of her young students had decided that she couldn't face the long school day without support and had brought her 2 pet kittens along with her. The resourceful girl had even put food and a snuggly blanket in her bag so that her furry friends would be comfortable and well fed during their first day at school.As Hood said in a Facebook post describing the experience, it was not something she had expected to happen:

They tell teachers to be prepared for anything, but I was not ready to open a book bag this morning and find two kittens. My student said she even put food in there and wanted to keep them at her desk to cuddle with after she finished her work. 

Source: cathoncho

While most people wishes that they could take a cute little kitten to school or work with them, chances are that the 2 feline adventurers will not be back in the classroom any time soon. But the story has resonated immensely with other Facebook users, many of whom wish that they had had the same idea when they were kids, and the post has been shared over 15,000 times.One thing is for sure. As Hood said when signing off on her hilarious post, "Gotta love first grade"!

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