Kept In Chains For 8 Years, This Dog Finally Feels A Gentle Touch


For 8 years, Bron lived in chains on a farm in Spain. Luckily, he was saved byAnimal Rescue España, but he had many injuries, was ill, and showed signs of abuse.

Source: Animal Rescue España

As well as his physical injuries, he was also deeply traumatized by years of neglect. Pilar Delgado, a member of the association, toldThe Dodo :

Bron is one of the most difficult cases we have encountered. When we first approached, he would flee, snarling.

Even when brought to safety, he was very scared and defensive. But his rescuers didn't lose hope and after many days trying to touch him, Bron finally let them:

Despite years of neglect and abuse, Bron has now become very affectionate and used to human contact. Pilar Delgado continued:

He is a happy dog, but he still has barriers to overcome. Bron's heart still hopes that, despite all the difficulties, he can live out his days with a family.

Source: Animal Rescue España

All over the world, shelters are full of adorable animals like Bron waiting to find a loving family. When you adopt an animal you save its life, as well as the life of the animal who takes its place in the shelter.If you are considering adopting an animal, you can easily search for your local shelters online, or check out well known organisations such as the ASPCA in the United States, or the RSPCA in the UK.

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