Kangaroo Shot Dead By Police Officer In Front Of A Child Causes Internet Scandal


It's always a heartbreaking moment when an animal has to be put down, so when anyone amplifies the suffering of those involved, it seems especially cruel.A police officer in Melbourne, Australia, was tasked witheuthanizing a kangaroo who was laying on the sidewalk in a residential area. The animal had severe hip trauma and was in excruciating pain.


Source: Hash Tropoja/Facebook

The officer was set to kill him with a gun, but right before, you can hear in the video another policeman inform him that there is a child on a scooter approaching.This did not stop him, ans he proceeded to fire at the kangaroo. He managed to shoot the animal in the torso, causing him to writhe in pain, as he bled out on the concrete.Not only did he cause even more suffering for the poor creature, but he simultaneously traumatized a child who had to witness the slow and messy death.


Source: Hash Tropoja/Facebook

The man who took the video,Hash Tropoja, condemns the actions of the officer, and told the Daily Mail Australia:

The bullet could have rebounded on to incoming traffic. The bullet had the potential to ricochet off the concrete. Furthermore they were there for about half an hour beforehand. They should have blocked the area off.

The video, which was watched over 94,000 times on Facebook, ends with the animal still moving, meaning that it clearly took several minutes for him to die. His body was eventually collected.


Source: Hash Tropoja/Facebook

This is one of the most careless and reckless acts I've seen in a long time. There's so many different things that could have gone wrong. Thankfully nothing did.

Watch the full video below, however, be aware there is graphic content:

A tragic end for a beautiful animal.

H/t: The Daily Mail