Juniper The Fox Is Anything But Wild As She Cosies Up To Her Human

Foxes are incredible creatures, and you can find them all over Europe. With that red coat and those little ears, it's pretty hard to not find them cute.But foxes aren't animals that can be kept as pets, are they? Well, this woman took the leap and adopted a female baby fox and she now lives with one of the cutest foxes we've ever come across.MeetJuniper:


Source : @Instagram

This young female fox has been quite the internet sensation over the past couple of weeks, since this video of her jumping on her human's bed went viral:[embed][/embed]

Her human spoke to the site Bored Panda about her behaviour:

Juniper and all foxes pounce in this way when they hear a scratching noise, which to them resembles the sound of a mouse under the snow or ground.

But Juniper's human was careful to warn others about the difficulties of trying to domesticate a fox on her Instagram:

Foxes smell. Bad. Their urine and feces smell like skunk mixed with ammonia. There is no way to ‚Äėde-scent‚Äô a fox. You cannot keep a fox indoors 24/7‚Ķ Foxes are destructive, they will destroy things in your house.


Whilst it isn't illegal to have a fox as a pet in the UK, there are many things to think about like the fact they won't be seen to by a vet and that they have to be taken outside on a lead at all times. In the US, keeping a fox as a "domesticated animal" depends on the state and their municipal laws.Even though you might not be getting your own pet fox, you can enjoy these adorable photos ofJuniper instead:


If you want to keep up with all ofJuniper's adventures, you can follow herInstagramaccount.

Photos : @Instagram

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