Jethro, The Heroic American Police Dog, Has Died After Trying To Stop A Burglar

Last Sunday, aGerman Shepherd police dog from Canton Police Department,Ohio, died from his injuries after he intervened during a burglary attempt .His name wasJethro. The daybefore,the heroic doghad accompanied his police handler and other policemen to the scene as theytried to stop an armed burglar.


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When they arrived on the scene, the man was still in the shop and didn't hesitate to open fire on the policemen. Tragically, it was Jethro who was most seriously injured: he was shot four times.Despite no damage to his vital organs, the dog suffered fatal brain swelling from one bullet that struck the bridge of his muzzle. He was pronounced dead early the following morning. His body was covered in the American flag. For Jethro was a true hero who died serving his country.

RIP Jethro. We will post funeral service details later tonight or tomorrowPosted by Police K-9 Association on Sunday, 10 January 2016

Thankfully, the 22-year-old criminalwas quicklyarrested, having been shot in the ankle by the policemen's bullets.Bruce Lawver, Canton Police Chief, told thelocal news:

There’s not a doubt in my mind that that dog saved officers’ lives.

Upon leaving the vet clinic, Jethro received tributes from his human colleagues:

Posted by Keith Riffle on Sunday, January 10, 2016

An online fundraising campaign has been launched to provide police dogs from this town with proper protective equipment. By Wednesday afternoon, the campaign has already raised over $30,000 dollars.

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