Japan Has Created The First Retirement Home For Dogs


In Japan, thereis a retirement home for senior dogs called Roken Honpo(roughly translated as 'Old Dog Head Office'). It offers these dogs all the shelter and care they often find themselves without. The service may come with a price but it is doing exceptionally well.


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Japan is actually home to more dogs (20 million)than children (16 million).The problem is that many humans can no longer manage to look after their dogs once they become elderly and ill. Especially when the dogs' humans are growing old themselves, it makes it harder for them to give them the proper full-time care they need.Sadly, most of these old and exhausted dogs end up in overcrowded shelters, with no hope of finding a loving home where they can live out their days.


Source : @Dailymotion

Roken Honpo therefore has the solution: they provide a home for the senior dogs as well as all the necessary medical care. However, it isn't free.It costs about75,500 Yen (almost $700) per month, for a medium-sized dog. But it means these dogs can live out their days in comfort and peace.Nene is a 17-year-old Shiba Inu who is no longer able to walk by herself. She was lucky enough to be placed in the retirement home's care. Watch her story in the video below:https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3w8jsc_japan-is-now-offering-retirement-homes-for-senior-dogs_animalsNow when will the US and the UK follow suit?

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