Jack Russell In Serious Danger After Being Tied Up And Left In Direct Sunlight


At the end of May, a one and a half-year-old Jack Russell was rescued by theStéphane Lamartassociation. The canine had been tied up and left on a balcony in direct sunlight, without water and wearing an extremely tight muzzle.


Source: Le Parisien

The canine was extremely dehydrated and would only have survived another few hours without help. A worried neighbor raised the alarm about the poor dog and finally led him to him being saved. She explained to the French site Le Parisien:

I noticed the previous times that he was struggling but this time, he was crying and screaming out in pain in the scorching heat so I straight away looked for an association that could help him.

Members of theStéphane Lamart association, which specializes in saving animals in danger, set off immediately to rescue the canine and get him out of danger.Stéphane, the founder, explains:

We first asked for police intervention, but there were no vehicles available. I even called the public prosecutor's department to alert them to the urgency of the situation. In the end, we 'stole' the dog, but we had no other choice, he would have spent the entire day there otherwise. The law allows intervention of this type when it is absolutely necessary. 

Source: Le Parisien

The dog, named Milou, was immediately brought to a veterinary clinic where it was discovered that, luckily, he was only dehydrated and had not suffered any more permanent damage. However, he also showed signs of neglect and malnutrition and had not treated for fleas and didn't have a microchip.The association pressed charges for the cruelty that he had endured and the case will unfold in the next few weeks. As for Milou's situation, he has been taken in by a foster family who is doing all they can to help the dog to forget all about the trauma he has endured.

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