It's Extremely Unwise To Leave A Kitten All Alone With A Pit Bull. Here's Proof

Andrea A.

Everybody knows that Pit Bulls are fierce, terrifying dogs. And here's something that will do even more damage to their reputation.Who's the star of the show? Manny, a 44kg female with very sharp teeth.


Source: @YouTube

The victim? Petri, a super-cute, carefree white kittenwith her whole life ahead of her.


Source: @YouTube

And where does the scene take place? On a sofa.It all happens very quickly. Manny has no time to lose: ina blink of an eye, she pounces on her prey. The poor kitten doesn't stand a chance...


Source: @YouTube

We'll let you watch the scene for yourself:[embed][/embed]In fact, there aren't really any "nasty dogs", as Manny proves in this video!It all depends on the education, the affection and the love that the dog receives throughout his life. No species is any more dangerous than another.

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