It Is Now Legal To Break Into A Car In Florida To Save A Dog's Life

Andrea A.

On March 8th, Florida became the second state in the USto make it legal for someone to break into a car to rescue an animal suffering in the heat.

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Before Florida, Tennessee officially authorised this act of physical intervention last summer. The newbill doesn't only apply to animals but also to children and mentally or physically disabled adults.Of course, before breaking into the vehicle, there are strict guidlines to follow. It's essential that the person makes sure the car is locked and that the animal's life is in imminent danger, before calling the police. The new law will come into effect in August 2016.

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50°C in 20 minutes

TheAmerican Veterinary Medical Associationassert that"hundreds" of dogs die each year from being neglectfullyleft to overheat in a car on a scorching day.


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In fact, a locked car parked in the sun can reach temperatures of 50°C in only twenty minutes. In these conditions, a dog can die quickly from rapid dehydration and suffocation.It is therefore strongly advised to never leave a dog alone in a car whilst the summer temperatures are soaring.To make people aware about the dangers of the summer heat, here is a video made byDogs Trust, one of the largest animal protection charities in the UK:

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