Instagram Celebrity Uses 100-Year-Old Tortoise As Photo Prop And The Internet Is Furious

Dan Bilzerianis the self-proclaimed "King of Instagram" and a very famous and influential social personality. He was recently visiting Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island, in the British Virgin Islands, when he posted a photos to his account of a female friend sitting on the back of a 100-year-old Galapagos tortoise.


Source: Dan Bilzerian/Instagram

This has sparked outrage in the comments section as well as on wider social media platforms. He captioned the photo with:"600 lb, 100 yr old Galapagos tortoise, what an awesome animal", ironically admiring the majestic animal while his friend was sitting on him with all her weight.His Instagram followers, who generally admire his lifestyle, seemed less than impressed with this scenario. Many wrote negative comments and said they were disappointed in his behavior, such as:"This is an abuse , you both are just disgusting.", "Use your brain next time. Animals are not toys for your amusement. Better invest your time and money helping the animals." and "Dude why not use your fame to influence your followers about treating animals the right way?!"


Source: Dan Bilzerian/Instagram

The Galapagos tortoise is a species that is classified as vulnerable, according to theIUCN Red List.While Sir Richard Branson has not yet commented on what has happened on his island, PETA expressed disgust at the photograph in a statement:

Wowing your Instagram followers is not worth endangering an animal.

This is not the first time that the celebrity has been under fire for using animals as props in his Instagram-famous life. In 2015, he organized a party, where DJ Steve Aoki was in attendance, and had a giraffe on a leash for people's entertainment.


Source: Dan Bilzerian/Instagram

The giraffe was paraded around the crowds and fed, while people were allowed to take photos with him.


Source: TMZ/YouTube

While on holiday in Bali, Indonesia a year ago,he took part in a common tourist activity which has been widely criticized by many animal activists, and rode on the back of an elephant with a friend.


Source: Dan Bilzerian/Instagram

Bilzerian alsoposted photos of himself holding an alligator, at what appears to be his own residence during a party, to his Instagram account with the caption "I clearly came to party."


Source: Dan Bilzerian/Instagram

The animal is seen posing next to Bilzerian and a group of women by the swimming pool, with the caption, "It's not a party without an alligator and a mermaid." A wild animal does not belong in a crowded place with loud music and flash photography, and this type of behavior has also caused outrage in the past.


Source: Dan Bilzerian/Instagram

The 36-year-old has an Instagram following of 21 million.The best homage that we can render to wild animals is to leave them in peace and not invade – as much as possible – their natural habitat.

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