Injured Dog Who Was Too Weak To Walk Gives Rescuers A Wonderful Surprise


A street dog in India suffered a serious head injury that caused major bleeding and left her in need of urgent care. The canine managed to crawl to a nearby garden before she ran out of strength and collapsed.Luckily, Animal Aid Unlimited India was alerted to the injured dog's whereabouts, and urgently made their way to her rescue. When the rescuers arrived, the animal was lying on the floor, still bleeding from the open wound on her head.(Warning: graphic content)

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Source: Youtube/Animal Aid Unlimited IndiaRescuers moved to comfort her and, as she was too weak to walk, picked her up and cradled the dog as they brought her to their vehicle. The canine was taken to the veterinary clinic straight away for urgent medical care after the trauma she had endured.


Source: Youtube/Animal Aid Unlimited India

Once at the hospital, they cleaned her wound and bandaged her up. Vets continued to treat and give the dog medical care, but it seemed that she was making little progress. For two weeks after she was rescued, she seemed disorientated, weak and slept almost all the time.Volunteers were extremely worried that her head trauma had caused permanent brain damage and that the injured dog would never be able to make a full recovery.


Source: Youtube/Animal Aid Unlimited India

However, in her third week of treatment, the brave dog made a huge breakthrough and started to show rapid signs of improvement. She came leaps and bounds to become the energetic, friendly animal that she is today. Animal Aid Unlimited described her miraculous transformation:

But one day something changed! Her long tail started performing loop-de-loops. She stood, she kissed us all, and threw herself into the arms of those who had, for days, been kneeling beside her trying, it seemed in vain, to coax her back to the living.

Source: Youtube/Animal Aid Unlimited India

Rescuers have since named the dog 'Happy' after seeing her incredible transformation and the lively dog that she has become.Watch the video of Happy's amazing rescue below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FezvlZ0vhMc[/embed]If you would like to help Animal Aid Unlimited India to continue their amazing work, you can make a donation, here.

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