Injured Dog's Cries For Help Answered By Young Boy As Highway Traffic Refuses To Stop


A group of young boys were waiting for their parents to pick them up from soccer practice at the Stade Louis Ganivet de Puraii in Faa'a, Tahiti, when to their horror they heard a crash and then the barks and whines of a dog.


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When they scrambled to peerdown at the highway that the stadium overlooks, they saw a golden retriever who had just been struck by a car. Despite this, traffic continued to circulate hitting the poor animalagain and again.Among the footballers, one thirteen-year-old who was said to be in tears of anger, bravely descended onto the roadway to rescue the dog.According to a Facebook post by Bbey Tmm, one of the other witnesses to the accident, the hero risked his own life to save the pup from being run over. He carried the golden retriever across lanes of traffic in spite of the weight of the dog and his fear of being bitten.


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He made it all the way to the parking lot before he finally asked for help. Tmm and the other adults contacted the authorities who swiftly rushed the dog to seek medical treatment.


Source: Facebook

No one is sure how the dog ended up on the freeway, but Tmm speculates that he might have fallen off the back of a truck because he had a collar. The owner was eventually found.Thanks to the courage of this young boy, a life was saved, and so many were inspired by his act.

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