Injured Dog Who Was Ready To Die Can't Stop Wagging His Tail When His Rescuers Arrive


The rescue organization, Animal Aid Unlimited India, saves thousands of stray, injured or abandoned animals each year. Their latest moving video involves a homeless dog that was hiding away in a bathroom.When a family saw him, they called for help and the rescue team arrived on the scene. As soon as they opened the door, his tail started wagging - he knew help had arrived.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

The pup's ear had been eaten away by maggots and was in a very unhealthy condition. The maggots were only a few days away from reaching his brain, and he would surely have died had help not arrived sooner.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

He was taken to the Animal Aid Unlimited hospital, where the medical team put him under sedation.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

Dylan, as the rescue team named him, then got a bath to wash away all the blood from his wound.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

The pup's ear was necrotic and couldn't be saved. Doctors carefully removed it and disinfected the wound.But Dylan recovered well and today his missing ear does not even seem to bother him anymore. The pup is living at the shelter, where he is receiving more than his daily dose of love, attention and hugs.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

The team at Animal Aid Unlimited did a great job in saving the adorable dog's life, and you can help them continue their rescue missions by making a donation here.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

Watch the full video of the incredible rescue mission below.

(Warning: Graphic content)