Injured Dog Was Too Weak To Even Lie Down In The Phone Box Where He Was Abandoned


Barry, a Saluki mix, was found on August 4 in a phone box in South London, alone and incredibly weak.

Source: Facebook/Furry Friends Animal Rescue

He was spotted by a woman in a local pub who alerted the authorities to the dog's whereabouts. They then passed the case on toEmma Semple, who runs Furry Friends Animal Rescue.Understanding the urgency of Barry's situation, she immediately set off to rescue the dog and was horrified to find the state that he was in. She explained to The Dodo:

He was collapsed but standing up. He was exhausted and was trying to lay down but couldn’t because there wasn’t the space. I put my hand underneath him to pick him up and he just collapsed onto me.

Source: Facebook/Furry Friends Animal Rescue

The canine had clearly been through a lot and was suffering from a multitude of both old and new injuries. Semple rushed him to a vet where it seemed most likely that the poor dog had been involved in a road accident, leaving him with a broken shoulder, cuts and wounds.He also had an ear injury, worms, fleas and bleeding lungs. Due to the severity of his injuries and extremely weak condition, the veterinarian estimated that the canine must have been left without medical treatment for at least two weeks.However, despite the trauma that Barry had endured, he remained determined to recover and amazingly, within only 24 hours of being hooked up to an IV, began to walk, something that the medical professionals feared he may never do again.

Source: Facebook/Furry Friends Animal Rescue

As soon as the determined dog regained enough strength, he moved on to a foster home where he could begin to receive the love that he so desperately needed. Barry is still undergoing medical care and the road to recovery will be long, but Semple refuses to give up on him. She concludes:

He has a long road to recovery, but at least now Barry feels great. He is in a comfy home, will have all his needs met and has many eyes watching over him.

Source: Facebook/Furry Friends Animal Rescue

To support Furry Friends Animal Rescue and help them to continue their amazing work saving animals like Barry, you can make a donation by clicking here.

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