Injured Dog Waiting To Die In Sewage Ditch Makes Miraculous Recovery Thanks To Rescuers


This dog was found by rescuers at Animal Aid Unlimited, suffering from a massive wound on her neck, stuck in a sewage ditch.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

Flies were swarming her head, as if they were just waiting for her to die.They tried giving her food, but she was too weak to eat, so they wrapped her up in a blanket to take her to the shelter.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

Back at the sanctuary, vets got to work covering her wound in powder to kill the maggots. It took several hours for it to work, and they could clean it out.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

The feeble dog was extremely dehydrated, so rescuers started her on a an IV fluid treatment, which she had to stay on for several days.On the second day, they started by sedating her, before cleaning out the wound and removing the dead tissue that had formed.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

Poor Shanti had been so near death, that it's truly a miracle that she survived. But thanks to the intensive care of rescuers, who never gave up for one second, she pulled through.Despite her shy nature, she made friends with one of the caretakers and now spends her days cuddling with him at the sanctuary.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

If you would like to help more animals like Shanti, you can make a donation to Animal Aid Unlimited, here. They desperately need your help to care for the thousands of stray dogs in India.You can watch the full video of this incredible rescue below:(Caution: Some images are graphic)[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47OegGC-7no[/embed]

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