Infested With Hundreds Of Ticks, This Puppy Was On The Brink Of Death

A young dog, only three months old, was found at the beginning of May in the middle of nowhere near Regina, in Canada. The person who found her immediately contacted the organization CC RezQs Regina, who rushed to send a team to save her.


 Source: CC RezQs Regina

To their surprise, they saw that the little dog, in addition to being lethargic and unable to stand, was covered in more than 700 ticks, half of which were full of blood. The director and co-founder of the association, Caillin Rodonets, declared to the channel CBC:

If we can at least get it to the vet, it increases its chances of survival by 10-fold.

Source: CC RezQs Regina

Luckily, the pooch was able to hold on until they got to the clinic where they could take care of her. For over four hours, several people carefully removed all of the ticks, one by one, before trimming the fur of the poor animal, who was probably terrified.While this number of ticks seems unbelievable, it's not unheard of. Caillin explained:

Last year we had many dogs with over 600-800 ticks on them. This year alone, we've had so many dogs that are just covered in ticks. We brought four dogs in with over 1,000 ticks.

However, even if the number of ticks weren't as high as other rescues, her young age and weight meant that she had to fight for her life. Caillin continued:

This was by far one of the worst cases we've ever had. It's the first case we've ever done a blood transfusion on a dog in a rescue.

Source: CC RezQs Regina

But she fought, and her strength faced with this terrible situation led her rescuers to name her... Tic Tac.An hour after her transfusion, Tic Tac started to get back some of her color, and the next day she was almost back to normal, wagging her tail and asking to be pet.

She, being nearly lifeless when she came in, was a completely different dog. She's adorable and she's doing very, very well.

Source: CC RezQs Regina

While Tic Tac was lucky to recovery from this ordeal, many cats and dogs fall victim of ticks every year, capable of transmitting a number of terrible diseases.During summer, if your dog walks through the forest or in any wooded area, it's important to carefully inspect them on their return. If there are visible ticks, you should follow a few simple steps, Caillin explained:

You need to grab them very close to their attachment sites in the skin and just kind of do a little twist motion to pull them out. After, you want to kill the tick.

* * *

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