Incredible "Tiger" Cat Like No Other Is Taking The Internet By Storm. But Be Careful


Meet Thor, surely one of the most photogenic cats in the world.He's not quite like any other cat - Thor's beautiful green eyes and incredible fur coat are more reminiscent of a leopard or tiger than your average feline. Butwhile he's absolutely stunning, it's not all as pretty as it seems. Thor is a Bengal cat, bought from a breeder in the Netherlands.


Source: @bengalthor/ Instagram

His owners chose Thor specially, though they are quick to confirm they do not support intensive cat and dog breeding 'farms' which are often very difficult to regulate.Thor's parentshim home to Belgium, and he quickly gathered an incredible Instagram following of over 35,000! And it's not exactly difficult to see why...


Source: @bengalthor/ Instagram

His proud human Rani Cucicov tells Bored Panda:

Whenever he opens his mouth, we are ready to serve him, but I gotta admit that we get lots of love in place for it!

Source: @bengalthor/ Instagram

There's no doubt about it, Thor is a pretty special cat.But he still loves relaxing and snuggling up with a blanket just like any other kitty...


Source: @bengalthor/ Instagram

Playing at his scratching post...


Source: @bengalthor/ Instagram

And practicing his jumping skills!


Source: @bengalthor/ Instagram

Cucicov continues: "1 time a day, mostly before going to sleep, he gets crazy and climbs on the walls. He seems like a child who doesn't want to go to sleep".Well, Thor iscertainly getting all the love and affection he could ever needwith his happy parent, and now he's known pretty much all over the world.But though Thor is undeniably a beautiful feline, this is also an opportunity to think about cats and where they come from. Bengals are notoriously very active cats due to their wild genes, and this can be intimidating for owners who often buy them just for their striking appearance.Susan Bass of Big Cat Rescue tells The Dodo: "We don't want to see a market for Asian leopard cats and other wild cats like servals so breeders can keep up the demand for hybrids. There are millions of domestic cats in shelters who would make wonderful pets".So that these kind of animalscan find the homes they deserve, you can help support the ASPCA in the USor the RSPCA who help rehome abandoned pets in the UK. Please remember – adopt don’t shop!You can keep up to date with Thor'slatest adventures on his Instagram account.

H/t: @BoredPanda