Wildfires: What You Can Do To Protect Your Pets In An Emergency


At the beginning of July, PETA publisheda report to inform animal owners of essential things to remember and avoid when you live in an area prone to wildfires.Here are 5 pieces of advice to remember to help protect your beloved companion:

Do not leave your pet behind

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In the case of an evacuation, some people think that their pets will be able to save themselves, and that they don't need to worry about going back for them. However, they are more easily effected by fire and smoke than humans and could panic if they find themselves in an unfamiliar, dangerous situation. Do not leave them alone to fend for themselves.

Plan where to go in advance

It's easy to give in to panic and leave without thinking of where you're going during an evacuation. Unfortunately, it can be more difficult to find a hotel or hostel where they allow pets. It is important to stay calm and take a few minutes to find somewhere that will welcome your companion.

Do not leave your pet alone in a car

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Just like in a heatwave, if wildfires are spotted in your area you must never leave your pet unsupervised in a car. The temperature can rapidly rise by dozens of degreesin a matter of hours. As well as being more panicked and disorientated, your pet could suffer fatally from heatstroke.For more tips on how to avoid your pet getting heatstroke, click here.

Bring plenty of food and water

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The air around you can get very hot, very quickly and it's important that your pet can quench their thirst regularly with cool, fresh water. You should also have enough food to last you at least a week, if not more.Unusual situations can be very stressful for any animal, so if possible try to bring their favorite toys along with you to distract them and help prevent them from panicking.

Protect them from the smoke


If you live in an area untouched by fire, but exposed to falling ash and smoke, it is still incredibly important to take some precautions. Even a small amount of smoke can be toxic to animals if they are exposed to it for a long time.If your town is affected, it is advised to limit walks and other outdoor activities to a minimum until the air becomes cleaner.

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