In The Middle Of Nowhere, They Found These Puppies In Serious Danger

Andrea A.

Briggs LocHaven and his brother, Chris Vanness, were ready for adventure. However, when the two americans set off on their road trip across the country last February, they never expected to save two furry lives along the way.Particularly in a deserted area, "in the middle of nowhere", as the brothers described.


Source : Briggs LocHaven / Facebook

However, it was exactly there, on the side of a quiet road, that they encountered two abandoned puppies as they entered the state of Colorado.


Source : Briggs LocHaven / Facebook

Chris Vanness told The Dodo:

At first we thought they were prairie dogs, until we got closer and were able to see exactly what they were. Then we stopped and got out of the car to check on them. They were friendly and severely dehydrated and starving and our hearts just sank. We didn't have to capture them — they literally jumped in our car. We were speechless and our only thought was we need to get these guys some food and water and a bath.

Source : Briggs LocHaven / Facebook

Carefully, the two brothers began to give the dogs food and water in small quantities, so as not to shock their systems."After about 10 hours they started to become more active and needing potty breaks, " adds Vanness.

Posted by Briggs LocHaven on Friday, 24 February 2017

Clearly thrilled to have found help, the young animals enjoyed their impromptu roadtrip alongside their rescuers. Whilst is unclear how the puppies ended up in their dangerous situation, one thing is certain, life was smiling down on them.


Source : Briggs LocHaven / Facebook

Just after reaching their destination and settling down a little, the lucky canines were adopted by a friend of the brothers, who is no stranger to rescue dogs."They both have found an amazing home and family with [another] rescue dog! And they get to stay together!Makes my heart warm and happy!" described Briggs LocHaven.

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