In The Middle Of A Winter, This Shopping Center Offers An Amazing Surprise To Stray Dogs


Turkey is facing a particularly cold winter this year. In the beginning of January, there was a severe drop in temperature - becoming negative in most of the country - along with several snowstorms.


Source: Ali Çelik

This intense wave of cold is particularly threatening for the numerous homeless and stray animal populations; several have sadly already died. To avoid continued mortalities, spontaneous relief efforts have multiplied.


Source: Ali Çelik

One of them, particularly touching, has not gone unnoticed. On leaving for work early one morning, Ali Çelik walked past a clothing store where several stray dogs were hiding from the cold. At their sides, three generous individuals had just given them boxes full of warm blankets and food.


Source: Facebook/Arzu Inan

In the same vein, several boutiques in Istanbul have accepted to open their doors for dogs at night, so they can take shelter from the cold. One of the shops offering this, calledPenti, a clothing store in town, published in aFacebook post: "Don't forget that love warms most of all."


Source: Facebook/Arzu Inan

While it is heartbreaking for animals to be left to themselves any time of the year, it is especially intolerable in winter, where freezing temperatures threaten their survival. In hopes that these waves of solidarity will inspire others and multiply before the cold takes more victims.


Source: Facebook/Arzu Inan

H/t: TheDodo