In The Middle Of A Show This Bear Finally Snaps At His Abusive Trainer (Video)

Andrea A.

On October 8, a circus bear violently turned on one of his trainers in the middle of a show in Syktyvkar, Russia. The bear, pulled onto the stage with a rope tied to a muzzle, was made to stand on his back legs and turn in a circle.The animal then lurched towards the man holding his rope, chasing him to the back of the stage and knocking him to the floor. A stagehand approached the pair rapidly, beating the bear forcefully over the head with a stick. The now frightened bear backed up, cowering before his trainer before continuing the show.

Source: YouTube

PETA, who shared the video, taken by an audience member, online, has taken the opportunity to denounce the cruel conditions that bears are kept and trained in, while inhumanely made to perform in circuses.There, these creatures face widescale abuse to learn tricks, most of which go completely against their natural behavior and instincts. Their training is based upon submission,meaning that every day they are subjected to violence to coerce them into performing.Their living conditions are also deplorable, meaning that they often display signs of psychological distress, physical pain and neglect.

Source: YouTube

An inspector for PETA's Asian branch recently went undercover to reveal what conditions are like intraining centers for Chinese circuses. Their findings were highly distressing; bear cubs chained by the neck to force them to stand on their back legs, monkeys kept in minuscule cages, tigers beaten into submission... The examples of abuse were numerous and horrific.

Source: YouTube

The sad truth is that these industries only thrive because of demand from the public; change must come from us. Already this year, many cities such asNew York Cityand Los Angeles have made steps to outlaw this cruel form of ‘entertainment’, but it still lives on throughout the world.You can make a pledge to not support this horrendous industry by clickinghere. You can also make a donation to thePerforming Animal Welfare Society, which protects abused and retired performing animals, by clickinghere.Watch the video of the incident below:[embed][/embed]

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