In Russia, A Cat Is Leading The Polls To Be Mayor Of A Town With 650,000 Inhabitants

Will this little kitty called Barsik be the next mayor of the town Barnaoul, in Siberia? Well, that's what the recent polls are saying. He's leaguesahead of his human competitors!


Source : @DailyMail

91% of the vote 

Barsik, a young 18-month-old Scottish Fold cat, is carrying 91% of the vote to be the next mayor of her town, according to apoll from 5,400 residents.


Source : @DailyMail

They're all fed up

The endless corruption scandals affecting this town of 650,000 habitants has propelled Barsik into the limelight.Ievguéni Kouznetsov, a retired man fromBarnaoul, gave his analysis of the surprising situation:

No one knows who to believe anymore, and they've come to the conclusions that they can no longer trust the authorities.

The former mayor, Igor Savintsec, was forced to resign last August having been accused of abusing his power.


Source : @DailyMail

Elections on the 22nd December

The election for the town's next mayor will take place next Tuesday, 22nd December. Sergue√Į Douguine, the Head of Regional Administration,is the other favourite amongst the official 'human' candidates.

Crowdfunding campaign

Following the cat's huge popularity, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched to enable him to have his own posters put up around the town.There's hopes thatBarsik is going to pose a question tothe Russian president, Vladimir Putin, during the annual press conference taking place tomorrow, Thursday 17th December. Maybe with the help of a journalist.


Source : @DailyMail

Their aim? To gain as much attention from the media as possible so that they can finally resolve their problems with corruption in their town.We'll let you know how the results go down.Good luck Barsik - we're certainly rooting for you!

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