Imprisoned Orangutan Gives Laughing Visitors A Tragic "Message"

Andrea A.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, animals in zoos face a tragic fate.

A video of a primate filmed in 2011 at the Philadelphia Zoo in the United States is resurfacing thanks to the site The Dodo. A male orangutan is seen violently hitting the glass wall of enclosure with a rock, as if trying to escape.

In the background, the merry visitors comment on the situation without realising the tragic meaning behind his gestures.

There's no mistaking what this zoo orangutan is trying to say ?Posted by The Dodo on Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The primate is obviously being held in an environment that doesn't satisfy his basic needs. Constantly being looked and laughed at by humans, he spends his days trying to kill the loneliness.

The atrocity of zoos

Recently a giraffe suffered a panic attack while being transferred between two zoos in Taiwan.

Most animals in zoos live as prisoners of their artificial surroundings where their existence is gloomy at best, and listless and depressive at worst.

Although some zoos make more of an effort to create stimulating environments than others, one thing they all have in common is locking the animals up against their will and parading them for people's amusement.


Source : @Jo-Anne McArthur

In fact, the best way of protecting animals such as this orangutan is simply by preserving their natural habitat. There is no need to put them in a cage.If you’d like to join the fight to end animal captivity, you can support the Born Free Foundationwhich strives to end animal suffering in captivity and phase out zoos.