Husky Raised By Cats Thinks She's A Feline Too

Andrea A.

Tally may have managed to reunite dog lovers and cat lovers for the first time ever. This incredible female Husky spent the first few years of her life surrounded by lots of tomcats. And those kitties took it upon themselves to educate this adorable pup! 


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So Tally grew up convinced she was a little kitty too. And obviously that meant she never had much interest in hanging out with her fellow canine crew.


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Her new family, who adopted her when she was two years old, said:

She's not at all interested in hanging out with other dogs. I've tried numerous times to take her to the park. Every time it's so funny: she walks about, sniffs some random things whilst a mob of other dogs follow her about trying to sniff her bottom. And Tally doesn't even notice!

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Tally is very unique. She has kept all the characteristics she learned from her cat siblings. For instance, she loves hiding in boxes.


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And sometimes, as a cat would do, she stays in there for a bit too long.


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She sleeps with her paws folded in front of her, a typical felinepose.


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And the sweetest of all: she loves spending hours looking out the window, catching some rays and observing the outside world...


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