Human Tested, Dog Approved. 11 Human Foods That You Can Feed Your Pup


We know that it’s strictly best to keep dogs to their dog food but there are some foods we humans eat that your dog might really enjoy too. Here's a list of 11 foods on your plate that your pup can have a little taste of. Not from the table though, otherwise they will learn to beg for food!

1. Carrots


Source: @3milliondogs

Carrots are a fantastic snack for dogs. They can get lots of entertainment out of them and have a good gnaw for ages, they are particularity good for teething pups and you can even freeze them so that the cold soothes their gums. Not only are they fun but they are also full of healthy vitamins, low in calories and high in fibre.

2. Cheese


Source: @Dogster

Cheese is a great treat for a dog (just be sure your pooch isn’t lactose intolerant, a very, very small percentage of dogs are). It makes a great reward for training as they just absolutely flip for it. Just make sure to go for reduced fat options and only feed in very small amounts. Cottage cheese is a good option to go with as it is relatively low in fat and high in protein and calcium.

3. Salmon


Source: @DogExpress

As you may have seen in our post for getting a perfectly glossy coat, salmon is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, which give your dog a healthy and enviably shiny coat. You can feed your dog cooked salmon or even just slip them some of your unwanted fish skins.

4. Eggs


Source: @Ask

Feel like treating your dog to a luxurious breakfast in bed (or if you just have some leftovers from your own) then scrambled eggs are a great treat for your dog. Eggs provide a protein boost and are a source of easily digestible riboflavin and selenium, super healthy!

5. Chicken


Source: @ThrillList

Cooked chicken is a perfect treat for your dog, they absolutely love it. You can add it to their regular food occasionally to jazz it up. Also if you’ve forgotten to pick up that new pack of dog food on your last grocery shop you can use chicken as a meal replacement, but only every now and again. Make sure you don't letthem eat the chicken bones though as they can puncture their insides.

6. Yoghurt


Source: @Yogurtagogo

Yoghurt makes a lovely refreshing treat for your dog, you can add it to interactive treat toys to provide hours of tasty fun! It’s high in protein, calcium and it’s full of active bacteria that can aid your dog’s digestive system. Just make sure to go for plain, natural yoghurts and avoid anything with extra flavours, sweeteners and sugars.

7. Apple


Source: @MedicineOutlet

Having an apple as a break-time snack? Feel free to offeryour dog a few slices. Not only are they full of fibre and vitamins A and C, they also give your pup’s teeth a great clean and even freshen up their breath. Remember not to give your dog a whole apple -cut the apple into manageable slices and remove the core and seeds, otherwise they could choke on them.

8. Pumpkin


Source: @PetLossSupport

This versatile veg isn’t just for winter soups and Halloween decorations. It is a good source of fibre, beta-carotene and vitamin A, so it is a great digestive aid. You can serve it up to your pupraw, but just serve the flesh, not the gooey insides and seeds.

9. Green beans


Source: @DogExpress

If you’re one of those people that pushes your healthy greens to the side of your plate or tries to hide them in your napkin then fear not, your pupcan do your dirty work. Joking aside, green beans (fresh and unsalted) make a great treat for your dog. They’re low in calories, full of iron and vitamins and they’re filling.

10. Oatmeal


Source: @DogExpress

Cooked and un-sweatened oatmeal is a great treat for your dog, just don’t serve them your leftover porridge if you’re doused it in honey, sugars and other tasty calorie filled extras! Oatmeal is full of soluble fibre so it’s great for digestion, in particular it can be very beneficial for senior dogs or dogs with digestive and bowel irregularity issues.

11. Broccoli


Source: @SpoonUniversity

Finally another green that your dog will absolutely love. Broccoli is vitamin-rich and super nutritious. It can cause stomach irritation if served in large portions so make sure to just give them a little taste and not awhole portion - you need yourgreens too!Note: For the first time you try out these foods on your dog,make sure to only give them a small amount and gagetheir reaction. If they experience any sort of negative reaction, consult a veterinarian immediately. Many dogs can be allergic to certain foods so it’s always best to play it safe.