Human Chain Saves Trapped Dog From Dangerous Fast-Flowing Waters At Very Last Minute


This scene takes place in Almaty, Kazakhstan. When a dog takes a tumble into the canal, he finds that he can't escape the fast-flowing current.


Source: @Youtube

A brave passer-by notices him and tries to lend a hand. Unfortunately, he finds himself trapped in a sticky situation himself. The walls separating the canal from the bank are so slippery that he cannot climb them without sliding down again.


Source: @Youtube

A group gradually assembles by the canal to help out. Embracing the spontaneous sense of solidarity, they club together to try and save the trapped man and dog.Four men decide to forma chain by holding hands all the way down the slope towards the canal, until they finally reach the victims.


Source: @Youtube

They battle the currents for a few moments before their human chain starts to pay off. The man, hand in paw with the pup, is pulled up, saving the dog at the same time.It's yet another example of the infallible power of teamwork! You can watch the nerve-racking scene here:[embed][/embed]