How To Prepare Your Dog For The Arrival Of Your New Baby


Often your dog is considered your first 'child'.So what happens when an actual baby comes home? Well, your dog might feel very left out. After all, he thought he was the only child until that baby came through the door.


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It can be a concern for new parents about the way their dog will react to the newborn. Fear not, dogs and babies can get on extremely well but it is important to prepare your dog for the arrival of the baby. And that's why we're here to help.Dogs are creatures of habit and they are unsettled by changes to their routine. That's why you need to start before the baby's born, because you will be way too tired to start training the dog once you're taking care of a baby full-time.

Introduce the new schedule


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Think how confused your pup will feel when his mumhasn't walked him for a few weeks and his walks have got a lot shorter. Having a baby will exhaust you and so you need to think about your dog's physical needs. If someone is going to help walk your dog, the sooner they start, the better.

Reinforce basic training


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When coping with a newborn, it's essential that your dog is well-behaved when it comes to discipline. If your baby is crying while your dog is barking out the window, you should be able totell him to stop and he obeys. Practise rules and boundaries before the baby arrives. Remember, don't scold them for bad behaviour, rather reward them when they're good.

Introduce new baby objects


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When your baby arrives home, that means you'll also be bringing home a whole new load of baby gadgets. Prams, toys, baby bottles and even Johnson's baby lotion are things your dog will need to get used to. Place the objects around the house, andconsider taking your dog on walks alongside the empty pram.

Play a baby noise CD

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We know it might sound barking mad, but you know how sensitive your dog is to sounds. So if he has heard the noises of a screaming or gurgling baby on your CD player before the newborn arrives, he will be less likely to hit the roof.

Bring home your baby's smell


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If you can, take home your baby's hospital blanket before Mum and Baby get home. If your pup has slept in the blanket and got used to your baby's smell before it arrives, he will be more familiar and friendly with the child.

A blossoming friendship...


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Yay, the baby's home! Introduce them slowly and carefully, and if your dog growls then tell him to have a time-out. If he's over-excited and jumpy, then give him a toy to go play with so he relaxes.


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Finally, don't leave your baby and dog alone together unsupervised.But in time, we're sure these two will be playing like the best of friends. We're convinced a childhood is incomplete without a dog as a companion.


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